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Matt Trigaux is a branding and digital marketing consultant specializing in early to mid-stage company development.

Through a data driven approach, Matt exceeds at helping small businesses execute marketing strategies, communications plans, and digital marketing initiatives with cost-effective conversion driven results.


My Services

Development, implementation, and execution of brand marketing strategies – including social media management, paid acquisition, events, corporate responsibility programs and partnerships.

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My Background

Matt has over 10 years of experience helping new brands develop their vision, grow their customer base, and execute conversion focused digital advertising campaigns. He has helped build multiple brands from single person operations to 9 figure acquisitions.

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Why Specialize in Small Businesses?

Matt has always surrounded himself with like-minded entrepreneurs. He prefers to work quickly and lean to help you achieve your brands goals in a simple step-by-step approach. Using this method he has helped build brands from single person operations to 9 figure acquisitions.

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Our Practice

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Matt was instrumental in helping us reach a new customer base for our premium product categories.

— Madina M. - VP of Sales | Ural Motorcycles

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